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Trustee Changes

On 10th July 2018 the Pilton Green Man CIO appointed two new trustees, Esther Davies and Vernon Clarke. On Wednesday 10th October, Richard Stevens resigned as a Trustee after over 20 years brilliant involvement in the Pilton community. There are now six trustees. If you are interested in becoming a trustee of the Pilton Green Man CIO please contact one of the existing trustees.

* * * * *

Green Man Grants in 2018

The Trustees of the Pilton Green Man CIO announced the award of two more grants in 2018.

Trip to Kira Farm in Uganda

AmigosAwards of £200 each have been made to two students from Pilton Community College, Lucy Lake and Matt Steele, to help with funding of their trip to Amigos' Kira Farm Development Centre near Kampala, Uganda. They will be learning new skills and working in the community. The trip takes place in October 2018 and they will be telling us all about it on their return. Click on the logo to learn more about Amigos.

* * * * *

Annual General Meeting of the Pilton Green Man CIO

The Annual General Meeting of the Trustees of Pilton Green Man CIO was held on Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 7.00pm in The Reform Inn.

The meeting reviewed and approved the Annual Report and the Financial Report for the year ending December 31st 2017 which were duly submitted to the Charity Commission and can be viewed on their website or by following the link in the sidebar (left).

Following the resignation of Trustees Louise Thomas and Warwick Neighbour during 2017 and Liz Davies during 2018, it was reported that were five Pilton Green Man CIO Trustees. Richard Stevens, Marc Brayley and Martin Haddrill were re-elected as Chairman, Treasurer and Correspondent respectively. It was agreed to seek a further two trustees to bring the number up to seven.

* * * * *

Green Man Grants in 2017

The Trustees of the Pilton Green Man CIO announced the award of three grants in 2017 of which two are proceeding.

North Devon Sinfonia at Festival in South Korea

North Devon Sinfonia

Two Pilton members of the North Devon Sinfonia, winners of BBC2's Great Orchestra Challenge in 2015 and the amateur orchestra which represented the UK at the Seoul International Community Festival in September 2017 in South Korea, were awarded £244 towards the trip.  The orchestra needed to raise £38,000 and was £6,000 short.  As well as their own fund-raising, financial support came from Devonshire Living, TDK Lambda, West End Precision, Bray Leino, Philip J. Milton and there were grants by Rotary Clubs, the Bideford Bridge Trust and Fullabrook and private donations.  The award was to cover the need for each orchestra member to raise an additional £122 to close the funding gap.

On the Current Projects page you can read more about the visit to South Korea and its outcomes for North Devon.

* * * * *

Pilton Church Hall to get Permanent Bar

Pilton Church Hall

Pilton Church Hall, one of only two community venues in Pilton, has been awarded £2,200 towards the Development of a Permanent Bar for soft and alcoholic drinks, coffees, teas, etc. to encourage, and improve the experience of, the community using the Hall for events like quizzes, pantomimes, exhibitions, Pilton Cinema, plays, etc. and for heritage and volunteer activities.  The Hall Committee needs to raise £6,000 to develop the bar and has been raising money towards it for some years.  This grant will cover the shortfall in funding.  Pilton Theatre Productions, which took over putting on the Pilton Panto in 2016 and is part of the Pilton Green Man CIO, has raised money by producing 'Aladdin', 'Dick Whittington' and 'Robin Hood & the Babes in the Wood' in the last three years. It is hoped that work will start soon. 

* * * * *

Award Application for Library Withdrawn

A third grant was made to the Friends of Barnstaple Library Book Fair who planned to organise a Devon Authors' Book Fair in Barnstaple Library and had been awarded £300 towards printing and refreshment costs.  The Fair was originally scheduled for October 2017 but, unfortunately, had to be postponed because of the installation of a FabLab and because the library is to become a BIPC - a Business and Intellectual Property Centre requiring a complete change to the first floor layout, with the work being started in early October. However, the Fair has been further delayed into 2019 so the award application has, for the moment, been withdrawn.

The proposal is still that the Fair will be a free event open to all members of the public with 25 children’s and adult authors meeting, chatting, signing books and giving advice from 10am until 3pm.  It will be publicised in schools, particularly in Pilton, in the local media (press, radio, etc.), on social media, in doctors’ surgeries, etc.

We await news of the re-scheduling and will be pleased to consider a re-application for a grant.

Successful Registration with Charity Commission

CIO CertificateThe Pilton Green Man CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation or, rather more simply, Trust) was successfully registered with the Charity Commission in 2016. Creation of the Trust limits the liability of the organising Committee whilst at the same time providing the opportunity to redistribute any profits from Green Man Day for charitable causes which will benefit the people of Pilton.

Registration came at the end of a year long process in which the Trust's objectives were gradually refined. These can be seen by going to the Objectives page of this website where you can also find the Constitution of the CIO. The Pilton Green Man Committee, which organises and runs the popular day in July, continues to operate exactly as it did before. It is now a sub-committee of the Trust. Pilton Theatre Productions, which currently runs the Pilton Panto in February each year, is also a sub-committee of the Trust. The Trust organisation can be seen on the Organisation page of this website.

If you think you have a charitable idea which might qualify for an award from the Trust, please go to the How to get an Award page of this website. This sets out what could qualify and how to apply for an award. The first awards have been made and details are to be found on the Current Projects page of the website.

Annual reports for the Charity Commission are produced every January, the first being made in January 2018. It is available on the Charity Commission website or can be seen by clicking on the sidebar.

There are currently six Trustees of the Pilton Green Man CIO and details are given on the Trustees page. If you would like to discuss ideas for charitable activities within Pilton, please contact a Trustee or email the Trust through the CIO Contact Us page.


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