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Watch this space for more updates and stories from the panto preparations.

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Wednesday 14th February

We're on!

Knabber Grabber Nurse and Major Oak

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Sunday 21st January

It's Coming Together................

Rehearsal Act 2

The Panto cast is moving into the last weeks of rehearsal and the performance is rapidly coming together. Here they are rehearsing Act 2. Meanwhile, behind the scenes the scenery is being painted, the costumes are being sewed, the music written and practised, the programme designed and printed, the props are being created, the raffle prizes donated and collected and lots of other stuff is happening.

Ticket sales are going well so don't forget to drop into The Reform Inn or call Carol on 372416 to secure yours before it's too late.

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Sunday 17th December

Publicity Photoshoot

Robin & His MenAt a publicity photoshoot before rehearsals, photographer Julie Wicks took some shots of the cast in costume to use for posters, the banner and press releases.

This shot shows Robin Hood (Elizabeth Dayleigh Hayton) with his Merrie Men (left to right) Maid Marion (Alena Cartmell), Will Scargill (Kate Shaw), Little John (Tom Cockell), Much the Miller's Son (Kai Chappell) and Friar Tuck (Marion Cox).


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Sunday 12th November

Getting to grips with Act 1!

Act 1 Scene 3

With 13 weeks to go, the cast is getting seriously to grips with Act 1 on schedule and it's going really well. We can't give away too much of the plot, but this is scene is set in T-- S----l R--m.

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Sunday 8th October

The Panto is cast!

Casting Night

The casting has been announced. In the best traditions of pantomime, the forty-three characters in the 2018 Pilton Panto will be played by twenty-four different members of the company. Full details of the casting will be released in due course, but in the meantime they (a lot, but not all of the cast, can be seen above in Pilton Hall tonight) are getting on with the serious business of learning their lines and having fun. Act 1 here we come! And still twenty weeks to go!

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The AnnouncementThursday 21st September

The 2018 Pilton Panto is announced by Director Lee Smith!

Rehearsals for the 2018 Panto got underway successfully on Thursday 21st September when over twenty people turned up at Skittle Alley of The Reform Inn for the announcement of the title and first read through of 'Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood'. Things are 'up and running' towards the presentation in February 2018. Don't panic - yet!

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